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Live Broadcast Business Event Video Coverage.

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Why you should consider a LIVE broadcast of your next event
* Any event like wedding ceremonies, funeral services, business seminars or training, music events, recitals, product demos or staff updates will have issues where logistics dictate that some people simply cannot all be in one place at the same time. 

* It's also very pricey to fly people to a central point and pay for meals and hotels costs as well as hire cars and loss of productivity and service back at their normal work station.

* They can be interstate or even overseas and in normal circumstances would have been quite happy to travel but in these circumstances simply cannot manage it. This is where we come in and take the event to them .. world wide !

* We broadcast the complete event to people so they can watch it anywhere in the world in real time on computers, mobile devices, phones, tablets and even smart TV's.

* Viewers can even take an important phone call during the live broadcast and still not miss a thing thanks to instant recording of the broadcast to a cloud based server DVR so it's simple to skip back 5 minutes to see what you missed and watch the rest as if you never left

* For those that cannot watch the LIVE stream we of course also put up an online version of the event and ALSO provide full USB sets of the event, shortly afterwards as a backup. 

* We are totally portable with self powered cameras, broadcast units and portable wifi hotspots so any location is perfectly feasible to broadcast from .. a wedding in the park, a funeral service, a trade show, a conference centre or in the middle of the city